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Franchise Programs

We developed two types of programs so we would have one that would appeal to independent stores that are already operating under their own name in their own area and would like to enjoy the benefits of joining our program.

Each of these programs gives the Franchisee the same end results, but there are differing royalty fees and a few variances that are allowed within our user-friendly franchise agreement. We offer a wonderful and complete operating manual and ensure the products and programs that are used in the stores are designed for customer satisfaction, profitability and top notch quality.

Our Franchise program, unlike some others, is very liberal as far as products and services our Franchisees offer.

Superior Reasons to Franchise

After all, there are really only three reasons why an independent dealer should become a Superior Tire & Auto Franchisee..... To REDUCE COSTS, to INCREASE SALES and to receive all the VALUE ADDED EXTRAS that come with our program. Below are some examples of items where you can appreciate some opportunities that might exist for your new “bottom line”.

Reducing Costs


Insurance – Garage & Commercial

Group Health

Financing Assistance – Rate Negotiations

Credit Card Rates – Discounted programs available

Gas Discounts – 2.5% (approx)

Buying Price of Tires / Wheels & Other Products – Maximum Discounts

Product Mix & Selection at Minimum Purchase – No minimums to Benefit. Unlimited tire selection.

Security Costs - $250 + per year

Supplier Negotiations – Head Office

Advertising Co-op

Payment Terms – 1 to 6 months

Return Privileges - Yes

Booking terms/Cash flow - Use of Money

Maximum Discounts - No Minimums to Benefit

Increasing Sales


Advertising, Radio, Newspaper – High exposure for low cost

Media, Flyers and Direct Mail - Co-op & cost sharing

Premiums – Promotional l items

Manufacturers' Promotions – Many as we deal with most manufacturers

Product Mix & Selection – Unlimited Brands to Offer = Increased Traffic = Profit

Signage and Image – Increased traffic & repeat business

On Line Marketing – Increased traffic and customer retention

Website – Modern, current, informative - Coupons & Discount Offers Create Increased Traffic

SuperBucks - Cashback Program = Repeat Business - Zero Cost

Value Added Extras


Computerization – State of the Art software/POS system for minimal costs

Accounting Assistance – Head Office

Inventory Control System – No cost

Business Analysis - No Cost

Corporate Employee - Discount Programs – No Cost

Preparation of Advertising – No Cost

Production of In-Store - Bulletins and P.O.P. – No Cost

Exclusive Warranties – No Cost

Group Support and Manager Sales Meetings – No Cost

Social Events – No Cost

Profits – Increased Profits

Booking terms/Cash flow – Special “Opportunity Buys”

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