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Estimated Opening Costs

New Store Investment Required Minimum Maximum
Franchise Fee10,00025,000
Store Development
Fixtures and signs, Computers, Site Selection and Lease Negotiations 5,00016,000
Office Supplies, Printing5004,000
Shop Equipment50,00075,000
Opening Inventory 40,00055,000
Working Capital25,00035,000
Letter of Credit 30,000 30,000
$161,500 $245,000

Additional costs that may be incurred could be legal and accounting fees and any fees charged by a financing institution to support a financial application. Opening costs as shown above are costs expected to be incurred for an average Auto Fitness Centre. The costs are excluding taxes. The cost of opening a franchise Centre may vary depending on size location, leasehold improvements and to the extent of the equipment package. Some equipment may be used or leased which will reduce opening costs, but leased equipment will increase operating expenses. Costs may vary with distance from major population centres. Superior Tire & Auto does not warrant or represent that opening costs will be as shown above.

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